Improvisers are better than normal people because:

1. They are accepting. They can accept people for who they are without trying to change them. They can accept situations for what they are instead of wishing they were different. And above all, they can accept themselves and can be comfortable with who they are.

2. They listen. They have to. It's part of who they are. They pay attention to people when they are talking, and not just to wait for a moment to interrupt with their own thoughts, but to interject with a clever reincorporation of something the speaker had already said. Finding patterns and themes in the topics of discussion, they make every conversation worthwhile.

3. They are storytellers. So when they aren't listening but speaking, they tell the most fabulous stories. Not just because they know how to tell stories, but because they live lives in which saying 'yes' is as natural as breathing. They end up on grand adventures and so have such great stories to tell.

4. They like working together. Improvisers are collaborators. They aren't focused on themselves but instead the group dynamic. This makes them a pleasure to be around in social settings because they act like the glue holding everyone together.

5. The most obvious answer: Improvisers like to play and have fun. So being with them is a constant joy, and they have a way of bringing out the childlike game-playing side of anyone and turn everyday into a fun discovery.

Posted April 19th, 2013


by Dave Morris

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